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Mike is working on helping you unlock your true potential and letting your light shine through.
If Mike can reach a handful to do this he is been true to his life purpose, Mike’s mission:

Create better version of you!

Interesting facts about Mike

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My passion is helping others with trans-formational breakthroughs, so that they can live the life of their dreams.

I’ve been a healer and a spiritual channel all my life. I work with the very best people in the world, I offer various package where I read energies and see outcomes, I remove blockages and clear negative situations in real time and I intuitively coach in order for clients to achieve outstanding and lasting results.

I am a qualified Reiki master/teacher, yoga teacher, best-selling author, crystal healer and am (amongst other things) mastering more and more shamanistic ways, energy healing modalities, channeling and sensing abilities.

My real talents and life purpose lie within teaching on a wider scale, whether that is via book publications, speaking at spiritual/motivational events, facilitating retreats, video blogs or devolving online training programs for people to unlock their own true potential.

We really do create our own world and it’s about time we got rid of those old stories and self-limiting behaviours and patterns. If I can help in any way to shine a light on these areas for you and share how I overcame similar issues I would be very pleased to do this for you on a one to one basis.

This is part of the SHEilds foundation commitment of ‘giving back to the local community’ where Mike will be giving his time to help grow and develop local entrepreneurs.

Together we can all make a great difference and shift in our conscious evolution

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Mike could state that he didn’t have the best of starts in life, however issue and hardship brings with it a lesson, Mike has had periods of borderline poverty and homelessness roaming the streets of London, weaknesses of  additions and self-sabotaging traits from alcoholic dependency and huge gambling debt and issues around confidence and self-worth.

Mike has always subscribed to personal development and self-growth and over many years this did unlock some doors but he was still carrying my old stories and belief systems, he has always known in some way that he was a spiritual person but in recent years he had a reawakening and totally immersed himself into all things on the path to awakening. This ranges from working with Shamans, plant medicines (Ayahuasca, San Pedro & 5MEO), Sufi healers and their chants, Reiki, theta healing, gong bath meditations, sacred geometry and much more… Mike manifested that he only wanted to work with the very best teachers and clients the world had to offer and all this has come into fruition.

In 2002 Mike set up his business SHEilds Ltd. which are the world leaders in Health and safety qualifications online and are established in 20 different countries, SHEilds also has a foundation which supports charities and projects internationally. As well as the foundation work Mike volunteers and is on the local exec board for cash for kids and he helps local entrepreneurs set up and grow businesses.

There has been a fair amount of work that Mike has invested in himself, he discovered on his journey that a lot of answers are actually within, as we all do. And also that this investment should be shared, if he can teach, move, inspire people, he knows and feels he is serving his life purpose.

Mike aims to share the wisdom and knowledge he has amassed over the past few decades of working with kick ass personal coaches and spiritual teachers, by means of Vloging, taking the stage and speaking at inspiring events and publishing further books.

Join Mike’s journey and unlock your true potential and let your light shine through, if Mike can reach a handful to do this he is been true to his life purpose, if he can inspire, motivate and set free hundreds or even thousands, well that would be just awesome. Stay tuned, join my newsletter and spread the word, together we can all make a great difference and shift in our conscious evolution.


With Mike

  • Mike has a passion to bring new ways of conducting business with a more heart focussed drive, ensuring that all parts of the chains within businesses are ethical and thriving.

  • Using Feng Shui principles, crystal grids and Shaman rituals Mike can lift energies to produce a more relaxed and energised workplace as well as providing subtle changes in the company culture to ensure better alignment with all the people within, thus achieving greater productivity and a happy, healthier environment.

I met Mike over lunch at what I call a lifestyle hacking conference in Costa Rica, November 2015. A month later I ran across the notes & reached out to Mike. I enjoyed having this connection, because we both had an epic event to enjoy in Costa Rica, impacted by so many great people but here was a chance to connect more with one of the great guys.

Now, I’m one of those moderates on the spectrum between more traditional sciences, and metaphysical stuff, so I’ve come to comprehend many esoteric disciplines that I hadn’t been raised understanding, but I still like to let things earn my trust, & I wasn’t at all sure what this energy work was all about, but Mike calmly explained everything.

After receiving this energy work, we chatted about a few things & Mike asked if I was at all interested in Feng Shui, or if I’d like to hear a few observations, which of course I did. Mike felt there may be some clutter that could be blocking energy. Now, anyone who knows me would say I’m a bit of a neat freak, but there’s still always some stagnation in an environment & Mike asked about my South East corner.

The afternoon of receiving this energy ball, as well as the preliminary chat & the one following my meditation on receiving it, were both very fun. personable & matter of fact, chatting about abundance energies, and after a fairly short chat closing the session, I was sorta back to my normal day to day routine… except I had noticed the SE corners of ALL THREE floors of my warehouse/loft and I went through clearing out each one.

All in all, every bit of making that little shift felt like it just put extra gratitude into each moment in that building, which is now where I live and work. Mike told me that the SE was where abundance flowed from, and that the ball of energy would help me stop blocking that. Mike also said he saw me doing a happy dance on the 14th December, but he didn’t know why. & then he and I ended the call.

Well, obviously, I didn’t want to block abundance in my life, & if this brother was going to single me out in a 300 person event, and invite me to benefit from some assistance he felt called to provide for me… I was damn well gonna clean my SE corners! I was also going to have one eyebrow raised on the 14th smile emoticon

I do like to make a short story long, but in closing I was writing checks today, and considering all the traveling & fun I’ve been saying yes to this year, only being back a month since my Costa Rica trip, it felt fantastic to pay every bill, and have a comfortable remaining balance, comfortable workload & comfortable accounts receivable… It’s hard to go wrong when staying focused in the present moment, feeling gratitude… and when you move the energy, and disrupt clutter, both in tidying up my castle, and my checkbook… it’s felt like a fishes & loaves kinda day/week/month/year!!

..What’s not to happydance about there?

Doug AllanKahului, Hawaii

Many thanks for the healing sent initially and more recently. I was amazed how Mike realised I was in need of healing, I was drained from doing 20 hours a week of readings. Mike talked me through healing on myself, I immediately felt the effects on the day & used the techniques throughout that week.

The energies Mike has been kind enough to send me more recently have been so calming & powerful, such a wonderful gift you have Mike Shields, I thank you for the healing you sent to help me through a difficult time, Bless you Tracy X

Tracy Gower, Leeds, UK

I met Mike at Awesomeness Fest Croatia and there, I learned he went from being homeless to becoming a very successful businessman and energy healer! He was the only person I knew personally who had a story like that! And so, I went to him for coaching when I felt lost about my financial/business situation.

After our first session on September 25, 2015, I was so incredibly inspired and believed in myself more than ever. He had a vision of me becoming a millionaire within the next few years. It hasn’t been a few years yet, but I am excited to see this come true, and I know it will! I love how he taps into his intuition to guide his coaching. He is very in tune with his Divine voice and he is very grounded (SO IMPORTANT and SOME COACHES ARE NOT GROUNDED- BEWARE). He gave me some daily exercises to do, which proved to be highly beneficial for me to get grounded, clear, and energized.

Today December 18, 2015, we had another session, and we could both see I am much more focused now and even know my “mission in life”. I am on a straight path to financial freedom now because I have redirected 90% of my energy there (other 10% to health). Money has been coming to me left and right, and I know, my lifestyle is only going to get better from here!

Thank you Mike for your wonderful service. May you bless many others in any area of their life they need help on!! You are so humble, so positive, and SUCH AN INSPIRATION! I am so grateful you are in my life. You have helped me so much already and I am already seeing the results. I look forward to growing at an accelerated rate thanks to your guidance, wisdom, and suggestions. Thank you thank you thank youuu!!!

I have had two VERY POWERFUL coaching sessions with Mike Shields, and I must say he is the NUMBER ONE coach I have had who inspired me to believe in myself on such a large scale.

BoYee Nataraja,, Sacramento, CA, USA


Mikes way

Mike has a phenomenal track record in coaching with a diverse range of clients from around the world. Mike himself has worked with many of the very best coaches and in addition has coached many coaches himself.

Mike is best described as an intuitive transformational coach; Mike draws from a wide variety of both Eastern and Western spiritual and motivational systems. Transformation coaching with Mike can include emotional healing, unblocking energy and resistance, changing belief patterns, guided imagery processes/journeying and the use of Mikes intuitive abilities to assist you on a soul level.

These are all totally personalised for your own specific needs and goals.

The guardian angel program:

Coaching and healing combined is powerful, I’ve had plenty in my time. Imagine how far you could come  if you had between 1-3 months with somebody looking out for you, let’s say telephatically tuning in to what you’re doing, sending healings and blessings to where you are at. Holding that space for you to go above and beyond what you ever thought possible. I only ever work with a handful of clients per month and will check in distantly and/or send healing several times per day.

My experience of this kind of intimacy is beyond belief, I energetically connect with you and transmute blockages, fears and any anxious thoughts or belief that are holding you back, I get to see where you are what you are doing and what your thought patterns are. If these patterns and beliefs are not serving your highest and greatest good then I energetically transmute them to keep you in the right vibration to achieve your best objectives and life purpose.

I have many tools which gauges several areas of your life and aim to get you from where you want to be, fully in flow and present. Typically month one may include abundance, home and wisdom. Month two, Relationships, family and friends, month three Spirituality, contribution and legacy. The first session will determine what is right for you and it may be that only a one or two sessions is required.

I can work with you to breakthrough personal victories or if your entrepreneur I can use my tools to pave this out for your company.

The more I work and tune into you the more I get to see your past, present and future in order to elevate you to be on your soul purpose. I must state I love what I do and it is so rewarding especially when I get the places to be, the people to meet and the date and time exactly right.

The Awakened Alpha program:

This program is for men only, as men we can sometimes find it harder to fully open up, go deep and explore our emotions. Having unintegrated emotions can be harmful for us as we can get easily triggered and angry. We may not have had an outlet to share the shame and guilt we may be carrying. This program aims to identify deep shadows, to work with them to find the gold and to set in place strategies moving forward. Be the man and thrive growing forward. Further details can be found here.

Are you ready to experience these life-changing insights?

Support? and rapid transformation now?
Then lets talk


With Mike

Mike is available for spiritual, motivational and business events to share his stories, tools and gifts.

General talks and workshops offered are listed below, however new material is been developed all the time:

  • Business energetics and power of intention
  • Spiritual disciplines and tools – maintaining that edge
  • Conscious relationships
  • Applying the law of attraction
  • Erasing self-limiting beliefs
  • Getting into your heart space
  • Meditation for beginners
  • Mindfulness – how we talk to ourselves

To book Mike for your event or to discuss your requirements to understand whether Mike is aligned to your requirements please complete the form at the bottom of the page.


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“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice… . Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

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By wholeheartedly making our own light shine, we unconsciously give permission for others to do the same.

Michael Shields

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi