🔥Today is a new chapter 🔥 – I clean up, I grow up and I show up.

For some time I haven’t felt fulfilled in life. Something was missing, but I had no idea what! For a good several years I have flown around the world from one retreat to another searching for that missing piece of the puzzle, but to no avail.

I have known all along that all my answers where within me, but I preferred to listen to all the noise of the external world. Many coaches, counsellors, retreats, healers, mediums and so on helped me to unpeel layer upon layer of issues. However, my final veil to accepting myself as me has been the biggest key to unlocking my inner peace freedom and even sanity.

Today I initiate my inner child into his full glory of the divine masculine. I show up in my true power, my strength, my vulnerabilities and authenticity. I unburden myself as I forgive myself for all my wrongs. I ask but except nothing in return – that if I have offended, upset or hurt you (the reader) in anyway to please forgive me. I know that I have been arrogant, spoilt and dishonest in the past. I also know that during those times I was reacting to my triggers instead of open heartedly responding with compassion, sensitivity and my presence.

Despite all my adventures and success in life and all those nice Facebook photo’s, I was living with fears, addictions and anxiety. I was a fake. Now, enough is enough, I clean this up as I integrate all that I am. I’m going to be showing up a hell of a lot more from now on to. This kind of message on social media is just the start. Please feel free to unfriend me, if this doesn’t resonate with you.

In just over a weeks’ time I will be published in book written for men by men. I share my journey in a bit more detail. It’s excitingly scary as I honoured those words, like I honour these words and I hold myself fully accountable for my new evolution in life.

In addition instead of me been a spiritual, self-development junkie – I now commit to giving back and to putting all me experiences, tools and awareness to helping others find their inner peace and freedom.

My first online program will be for males only (sorry ladies!). Within the week I will create a webpage with further details. In addition, I’ll create a Facebook group to get the ball rolling. If this resonates with you and you feel me and want in, then comment below with ‘add me’.

I feel happy and motivated sharing this, now it’s time for me to get moving. Ciao for now ❤️💎🙏


***UPDATE*** the program mentioned above can be found at http://www.michaelshields.co.uk/the-awakened-alpha-program