Why leaving your car keys in Austria is a blessing

On Sunday I flew back to the UK from Austria on landing I had that sinking feeling that I had forgotten something, mindful the passport queue was getting shorter I went to get my car keys, but actually knew I didn’t have them as I saw a picture in my mind of them still been on the shelve next to wear my bag was.


I messaged the hotel and they said they had found them, this actually saved me checking my bag 10 times. At this point I could have gone into a panic and felt sorrow, anxiety and frustration, but knowing the universe has my back and gives me what I need I accepted and took the train home instead. The train journey was pretty awesome got a few chapters of book read and met an interesting person to chat to. House bound for 72 hours gave me ample opportunities to catch up with jobs I hadn’t got around to for a while and to connect with my tribe more.


So it cost me £45 to get train, £40 extra parking fees and £40 for the fuel for my MD (Patrick Frayne) to drive me to the airport, again not phased as I had already had a good time and expressed gratitude for this. Making this extra 1.5 hour journey was one of the best business meetings we’ve had in a while resulting in a product solution which has took several years to solve which will be a multi-million pound yearly extra to the turnover and we also identified a killer marketing strategy for are products in general.


So instead of looking at a situation with disappointment, treat it is an opportunity to grow and learn, look for where you are guided to be. Show gratitude that thinks will work out, I loved my stay at the Saalbacher Hof Hotel, Isabella and Chris where so lovely and helpful, my keys arrived this morning so all is good. I’d highly recommend this hotel, especially if you fancied losing your car keys and exploring what unfolds for you.



Cleaning your souls mirror…

Recently I was fortunate enough to be at Awesomeness Fest in Costa Rica, every morning I attended Yoga on the beach led by Juan Pablo Barahona, Shamanic Yoga was his style and it totally rocked, I’m sorry I have a lot of friends who are yoga teachers but this really was out of this world.

As well as sending and receiving energies from the elements one exercise involved been bent over and with a washing motion we cleaned our souls mirror, the essence of doing this was to attract only the brightest and shiniest possibilities, situations and people to us. After all the brighter we shine the more we inspire others to shine their light too.

This following video inspired me to write this article… I still haven’t fixed my car mirror but my souls mirror is all clean and bright and shiny.