Mike has taken more of a back seat from the corporate world to help humanity in a better and more meaningful way. In 2012 the SHEilds foundation was launched in order to give back predominately in the countries that the majority of his business where located such as India, South Africa and the Middle East. The foundation also supports local UK charities as well as funding for school projects.

Mike aims to share the wisdom and knowledge he has amassed over the past several years of working with kick ass personal coaches and spiritual teachers, by means of Vloging, taking the stage and speaking at inspiring events and publishing his book (by the end of the year, all been well).

Join Mike’s journey and unlock your true potential and let your light shine through, if Mike can reach a handful to do this he is been true to his life purpose, if he can inspire, motivate and set free hundreds or even thousands, well that would be just awesome. Stay tuned, join my newsletter and spread the word, together we can all make a great difference and shift in our conscious evolution.